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Organic Argan Oil

Organic Argan Oil


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Product Description

For all skin-types - dry, oily, sensitive, mature & combination skin. It softens, deeply moisturises and nourishes with fast absorption rate.

It promotes hydration: people with extra dry skin will benefit from Argan Oil.

An effective face moisturiser: gives skin a youthful glow and reduces the visibility of wrinkles . It also restores skin elasticity and leaves skin feeling softer.

It is suitable for acne prone skin resulting from oily skin. Argan oil is non-greasy so it helps to balance skin sebum production. Sebum is the oil produced naturally by our skin.

It moisturises the scalp and fights dandruff as well as dry scalp. It also promotes the growth of strong, healthy hair and useful in treating thin hair, brittle hair & split ends.

How to Use

Apply as required.

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100% Organic Argan Oil.


Currently available only within the United Kingdom. It takes 3-5 working days.
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